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Natural Presence

Human beings without a particular external identity, but with an esoteric one. All are present in their own truth, expressed in a directly intimate way. I call this kind of image prosopo-graphy. It is coming from the ancient Greek word prosopo which means the essence or natural reality of a person. The photographic process is a spontaneous choreography based on empathy and dominated by rhythm, transcending space and time. In this new vertical time, according to Plotinus, beauty identifies with spirit. The same applies...

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In landscape photography, place is interior. The photographer achieves a visual realisation of his or her feelings for the world, of how they experience existence. Their images are in fact a reflection of their inner world. The form is not narrative; rather, it presents the viewer with the vertical time of the image, just as a reader is led into the world of a poem by the sound of the words. There is no narrative, then, but meaning: meaning beyond logical implication. Like meaning, beauty can also be approached only...

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Into Sanctum

I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God. Jelaluddin Rumi Pictures from Orthodox Christian monasteries in Athos Greece, Sufi Semas in Turkey, Buddhist monasteries in Nepal, Tibet and India, Coptic monasteries in Ethiopia Work in progress 2007 –

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Remember, the emptiness that Buddha is calling shunyata, the emptiness Upanishads calling bliss, the emptiness that Kakua sang through the flute, the emptiness that Joshu was teaching for forty years, and the emptiness which I am here just before you, is not a negative state. It is not really emptiness. It is called emptiness because the ego doesn’t exist there. It is called emptiness because the mind doesn’t exist there. It is called emptiness because you don’t exist there. It is because of you – you are no longer...

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Who am I

The most significant question since the ancient Greece era. You have not to think about it, you have to live it. Image as a reflection of consciousness, as a mirror of Being. Work in progress 2018 ….

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What exactly is nostalgia? The term “nostalgia” derives from the Greek words nostos (return) and algos (pain). Indicating that it is the suffering evoked by the desire to return to one’s place of origin. Origin can be many things, a place or a particular time in our history, or something not quite clear, but existing. If we stay connected to our own feelings of nostalgia without dramatizing but just being present, embracing them, then we can find ourselves leaving the horizontal time we usually live in, entering...

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Before the window, slender, jade-colored bamboos sing when the cool rains fall, with a rustling sound. Their feathery green intruding at my desk, they know there is no purer hidden spot than this. Isho Zen poet

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