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Dimitra Gerontidi

For me, the workshop was an opportunity for introspection and self-improvement. It gave me the chance to discover well-hidden secrets about myself and to come face-to-face with them and with what scared me about them. And it helped me develop my skills in terms of photography. I succeeded in looking with a different eye – the eye of the soul – at images by other photographers, and to render my inner world in my own photographs. As a good mentor, Haris made the whole process easier (as easy as it could have been),...

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Aristotelis Chatzikyrou

“Art is directly intertwined with its creator. When we talk about the purity and authenticity of a work, that is who we are thinking about. Through Haris’ workshop course, I became aware of aspects of myself that are expressed through my pictures. As a result, I have achieved a deeper understanding of my photographic work, which has itself also developed naturally through a series of unforced changes that took place within me during the course.”

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Natasa Zisiopoulou

“My experience in the workshop awakened a need in me to dive deep inside myself. To touch my soul, my existence, my being. And for my pictures to emerge from it. My own eyes, my own power, my own energy, filling the gaps in my existence and creating photographs that would touch and embrace my soul and my being, and those of others.”

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Maria Argyriou

  Haris’s  workshop that I attended was the experience of a lifetime and it changed my life profoundly. It set in motion a journey of inner exploration, introspection and self-discovery that was completely different to anything I had ever previously encountered. By turning and looking inside and finding a real connection with my inner self. The fact is that most of us are unfortunately focused on what is going on outside us. Truths and needs that were hidden deep inside came to the surface and I began to recognise...

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