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Author: Haris Kakarouhas

HARIS KAKAROUHAS was born in Athens, Greece. He studied Cartography at the University of Thessaloniki, and Color Theory and Visual Perception at the University of Glasgow (M.Sc). He also holds a Ph.D in Photography from the University of Derby (title of thesis: ‘Prosopography’ – Mapping the self). He studied several different forms of art therapy in the Voicing Institute in Switzerland, Puna Multiversity in India, as well as other practices of contemporary physical psychotherapy (Freedom Institute – Amsterdam, Netherlands).

In the end, what is this thing called “a photograph”? / Τι είναι εν τέλει αυτό που λέμε “φωτογραφία”;

Αυτό που ορίζει την τέχνη και της δίνει την δύναμη που διαθέτει, είναι η  συγκίνηση που προξενεί.                                                                                                                                                                                          Arthur C. Danto     Πώς μπορώ λοιπόν να δώσω μια απάντηση στο ερώτημα; Θα μπορούσα να πω με δυο λέξεις ότι το μυστικό βρίσκεται απλά στη δύναμη που έχουν κάποιες εικόνες να μου κόβουν την ανάσα. Για λίγα δευτερόλεπτα η για...

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Meeting Giannis Gogos / Συναντώντας τον Γιάννη Γκόγκο

 Giannis, looking at your work on your site, I remember your early photographs – the ones I saw when we first became friends on Facebook: even though the technique was clear, there was something very special about them. It can’t really be described but perhaps ‘vulnerability’, ‘dreamlike’, ‘tenderness’, and other similar words come close. You say that you were inspired by certain movements and that you wanted to give a painterly feeling to those pictures. What were those movements and what was the feeling that you...

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Haris Kakarouhas

Karkavitsa 3  N.Irakleio  14122

Athens  Greece

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