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The Truth of the Image / Η αλήθεια της εικόνας

Introduction From the very first minute of our meeting with Haris Kakarouhas, it was clear that this is not going to be an ordinary and typical interview. We met a warm and intimate person who surprised us with his simple and straightforward attitude. We started to talk about various things in general until our conversation became so photographically interesting that we had to stop and press the record button. In a few seconds we realized that all the questions we had prepared were mostly superfluous and the interview...

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Suspended Time

Photographer: Haris Kakarouhas Country: Greece Book: Suspended Time, Μετέωρος Χρόνος Edition: 2003, European Publisher Award for Photography Published by: Apeiron (Greece), Dewi Lewis (UK), Braus (France), Lunwerg (Spain), Peliti Ass. (Italy) ISBN: 960 – 87442 – 5 – 3 Music: A Silver Mt. Zion – For Wanda

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Haris Kakarouhas

Karkavitsa 3  N.Irakleio  14122

Athens  Greece

+30 6944836717