Natural Presence Book Presentation 2

November 29, 2019 – Athens
  • Luminous Eye gladly invites you to the presentation of the new photographic book of Haris Kakarouhas “Natural Presence” on the 29th November 2019.

    Haris Kakarouhas will present his new book “Natural Presence” and he will speak with the audience about Conscious Photography. In his new photographic book “Natural Presence” he wants to initiate us in a journey of discovering the self, beyond the manufactured reality of our modern times.

    The book concludes 15 years of photographic work and presents the inner substance of the human being without having any interest in revealing their outer identity.

    Haris Kakarouhas became known with his book “Suspended Time: A Cuban Portrait” (Apeiron Publications, 2003), which was awarded with European Publishers Award for photography in 2003 and the award “Milos” for the artistic book of the year in Greece (2004).

    “Natural Presence” was created after, as a derivative of his personal quest to discover the inner truth of human substance. Therefore in his book he connects faces and nature in a relationship of true coexistence.

    In this photographic journey, the stillness and mystery of the faces reflect a true state of being, as he highlights, where the human body and the feelings connect, beyond any philosophical idea or conceptual conceivement, while at the same time the human gaze communicates the awakened inner state.

    “As we go deeper within ourselves, the better chance we have to meet the other” says Haris Kakarouhas in his interview with the art critic, writer and curator of the Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki, Hercules Papaioannou, which is published in the book “Natural Presence”

    The book “Natural Presence” is the first publishing project of the gallery Luminous Eye.”

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